Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Exercising with Sciatica

Though sciatica could be caused by several things, there are some commonalities among the exercise treatments for it. At Dr. Kent Carlomagno’s Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center, we commonly treat, via Chiropractic, the condition of sciatica by adjusting the spine to remove nerve pressure on surrounding hard and soft tissue impingement. We want our patients to be able to distinguish between which physiotherapy regimens will help and which will likely hurt them.

Therapy for sciatica is usually based on removing the nerve pressure to break the pain cycle, then strengthening the core and increasing flexibility. While it may be helpful to stretch, as we’ve discussed before, stretching before or as a warm-up will only put further strain on the muscles and ligaments. In general, it is better not to stretch in a way which compresses the spine forward or to do so only to a limited degree.

Core exercises are meant to strengthen both back and abdominal muscles. This is especially recommended when a herniated disc is confirmed as the cause of sciatica. Because crunches may not be recommended or only done in a modified form, these exercises will often include some form of planking. Aquatic aerobics are also a favorite of people recovering from sciatica.

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