Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Effects of Stress

Stress is the result of your brain’s attempt to save your body from a perilous situation. A flood of adrenaline helps you think faster and boosts your body’s performance. However, chronic stress will wear your body’s systems out and is a major contributing factor to much of what we treat at the Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center.

In an attempt to supply oxygen to your body, a stressed heart will pump faster, increasing your blood pressure. But this also raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, as arteries harden and thicken in response to the demands put on them. High blood pressure can contribute to a stroke, but it can also contribute to mood changes or memory loss. Your muscles will also tighten up, which is painful and reduces their performance.

Another way in which stress actually hurts by causing the very things which adrenaline normally helps is by compromising the endocrine system.  Stress stimulates the creation of cortisol, which causes the liver to produce more glucose. People who are unable to absorb a large amount of excess sugar are at risk of developing diabetes.

This discussion of stress is not meant to make patients feel even more stressed. Rather, it is meant to demonstrate the importance of seeking treatment and caring for one’s own needs.
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