Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Although the body can repair most pinched nerve damage on its own, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the instances in which Summit Chiropractic & Longevity Center most strongly urges sufferers to seek help in. Carpal tunnel syndrome, the system of ligaments, tendons, and bones through which most of the nerves of the hand pass, are incredibly complex and subject to constant pressure. Often, carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of repetitive work activities which patients avoid giving up until they have done irreversible damage.

Like other pinched nerves injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include pain, tingling, weakness, and feelings of shock which radiate away from the wrist and up the arm. The nerves in the thumb and first three fingers all pass through the carpal tunnel, join together, and then divide again in the neck, resulting in a number of different areas which can be affected. If any of the numerous tissues in or surrounding the tissue swell, the nerve will be pinched.

Dr. Carlomagno has a number of diagnostic tools, ranging from physical exams to x-rays, which we can use to evaluate carpal tunnel syndrome and identify where specifically which tissue is pressing which part of the nerve. Nerve gliding exercises are among the most widely recommended treatments, but patients will need a thorough examination to establish the best possible care plan.

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