Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Longevity Tips

Longevity Tips

We all want to feel good even as we age. While aging is inevitable, there are things you can do to slow down how your body reacts to it. At Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center in San Rafael, CA, our patients receive anti-aging care to keep optimal health as life goes on.

What You Put In is What You Get Out

Good nutrition is vital to keep your body functioning at your peak level. Make sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Depending on who you are, serving quantity changes, but you should be getting up to two cups of fruit in per day and up to three cups of vegetables per day. Antioxidant-rich foods are key for prevention of many health hazards. Also be sure to be getting between nine and thirteen cups of water in per day.

Be Aware

Learning about your body and any health conditions you have will increase your ability to maintain a smooth-running machine. Also be sure to find doctors who will be a partner in your wellness.

Get Moving

Make sure to get your recommended amount of activity in every day. As they say, a body in motion remains in motion.

Be Careful

Take precautions when participating in physical activities. Wear proper protection and allow your body to warm up beforehand and cool down afterward.

To learn more about longevity, schedule an appointment with Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center in our San Rafael, CA office. To schedule, give us a call at (415) 721-7520 or visit our website, www.summitchiro.net.

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