Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tips for Perfect Posture

The term posture is used to describe how your body is positioned when you’re sitting, standing and laying down. When you practice correct posture, your body is in alignment with itself and this can prevent common problems such as back or neck pain, headaches, and much more. At Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center, we have a variety of techniques and methods to correct your posture, but we would like to share some tips to help you maintain a correct standing posture on a daily basis.

  • Imagine that a string is attached to the top of your head and pulling you upwards. The idea is to keep your body in perfect alignment, maintaining the spine’s natural curvature, neck straight, Chin slightly dipped and shoulders parallel with the hips.

  • To stand correctly, you should always keep your shoulders back and relaxed while pulling in your abdomen and keeping your feet about hip distance apart.

  • Balance your weight evenly on both feet and try not to tilt your head forward, backwards or sideways. Finally, you should always keep your legs very slightly bent, but your feet relaxed.

If you wish to improve your posture, please give us a call to discuss your treatment options. To learn about the services we provide at our office, for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kent Carlomagno in San Rafael, CA, call 415-721-7520

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