Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is Germ Theory and How Does it Relate to the Chiropractic Lifestyle?

From the food we eat to the air we breathe to the water we drink, viruses and bacteria are everywhere. However, just because we come into contact with these germs doesn’t mean we are going to get sick. If that were true, we would constantly have a cold or flu. We are not sick all the time because the “germ theory” that most people use to explain disease is outdated. A carry-over from the early 1800s, this theory proposes microscopic organisms cause disease, but that isn’t the whole picture.

It is not enough for germs to simply be present. To get sick, your body must provide a hospitable environment for the bacteria and viruses to reproduce, and this depends on many factors, including the health of your lungs, the function of your immune system and your overall health. Since the nervous system controls the proper function of your lungs, immune system and all other organs and systems in your body, chiropractic care can effectively help prevent disease.

At Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center, we are keenly interested in the integrity of your nervous system, which travels through your spinal column. Dr. Kent Carlomagno uses spinal adjustments to align his patients’ spines and remove interference from the nervous system. This has a beneficial effect on the entire body, not just the back and neck.
Whether you suffer from constant illness or are looking to improve your overall wellness, we can help you at our San Raphael, CA office. Call (415) 721-7520 to schedule an appoint

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