Friday, May 30, 2014

DTS Therapy Instead of Surgery

Virtually every movement of the body uses the back muscles or those adjoining them, which makes back injuries incredibly debilitating. Those who suffer from back injuries often experience numbness, weakness and reduced function in their limbs, which can interfere with daily life. If physical therapy hasn’t worked to remove your pain and surgery seems like it might be your only option, Dr. Kent Carlomagno can help. Whether you are suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, a pinched nerve, neck pain or degenerative discs, DTS therapy may provide the relief you are looking while providing an alternative to surgery.

DTS therapy uses gentle forces to decompress the spine, improving blood flow and nutrient exchange in the injured area. Therapy usually spans less than 20 minutes, three times a week for a month before transitioning from passive to active treatment. In the beginning, therapy consists of several cycles of stretch and relaxation, and many patients find relief in as few as six to 10 treatments. Most are released from treatment after eight weeks.

Along with therapy, we use exercise and complementary therapies, including heat, muscle stimulation, ultrasound and cold therapy, to accelerate healing and alleviate pain. Our goal is to not only help your spinal discs heal but also to enhance your muscles’ control and support of your back and neck.

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