Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Custom Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are devices that are used to correct any biomechanical abnormalities in the foot and ankle. Orthotics perform functions that make standing, walking, running and other sports-related activities more comfortable and efficient by correcting the angles at which the foot strikes the walking or running surface. Here at Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center, we offer custom orthotics as a conservative approach to solving many foot conditions that lead to pain in the knees, ankles, hip, back and neck.
We use orthotics to treat imbalance in the feet caused by fallen arches. Through their 3D Laser Scanner, Dr. Carlomagno is able to determine if the arches are collapsing and if it is necessary to use orthotics to alleviate or prevent potentially painful conditions. Custom-fit orthotics are used to help realign the bones within the foot and ankle. Realigning these bones will take pressure of other parts of the body such as the back, neck, shoulders and hips. Orthotics also help with distributing weight properly and take further pressure off of toes, bunions and other parts of the foot.
Custom fit orthotics are much more effective than the over-the-counter options made available at various drug and grocery stores. Pre-packaged, non-prescription shoe inserts are not made for individuals; they are mass-created and do not offer the type of support most individuals need. Custom-fit orthotics are specially-made devices that are designed to support that specific patient’s needs. While over-the-counter shoe inserts may be a less-expensive option, custom-fit options are the best choice for those suffering from any number of pain or discomfort.
If you are experience back, neck, shoulders or hip pain, you might be in need of custom foot orthotics. Call us today to set up an appointment! 

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