Tuesday, January 28, 2014

National Championship Air Races

Our Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center chiropractor Dr. Kent Carlomagno is not only an experienced and skilled chiropractor, but he also makes a big presence in our San Rafael local community and other communities in the nation.
For the second straight year, Dr. Kent Carlomagno attended the 2013 National Championship Air Races, which were located at RenoStead Airport on September 15th.
Here, Dr. Carlomagno put his chiropractic skills to good use when he had the honor of of adjusting his patient, friend, and fellow pilot colleague Thom Richard, who was suffering with cervical (neck) stress syndrome before the races as a result of barely landing in time before the close for unlimited pilot registration.
Our chiropractor, Dr. Kent Carlomagno, provided an adjustment to pilot Thom Richard in his cervical and thoracic area, providing the highly regarded pilot mental clarity, focus, and a release of the pain and tension he was experiencing.
As for the races, this was the 50th Annual National Championship Air Races. The event is held around the same time every year, providing races for over 200,000 spectators and aviation enthusiasts.
We are always happy to be apart of such events. To get an adjustment from the same chiropractor who adjusted an esteemed pilot, visit us in San Rafael, CA.
Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Kent Carlomagno

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