Thursday, December 26, 2013

Personal Injury

Here at Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center, we provide chiropractic care for many situations, including after a personal injury. A personal injury can occur from a variety of circumstances, ranging from a fall from a ladder or roof to chronic back or shoulder pain from moving “wrong” during sleep. Many of the injuries are similar to those experienced at work, except they are experienced outside of work.

With chiropractic care, we not only address the problem at hand, but work to improve the entire body. Our care focuses on the fact that all of the body’s systems are connected, so when one area is healed, the rest of the body soon follows suit. This is also why we like to perform adjustments for many of our patients, regardless of the injury. With an adjustment, we put the spine back into alignment, helping the entire body to improve.

We encourage patients to visit our practice not just to find relief for their injury, but to prevent more complications. Many times, ignoring a type of pain or trauma can worsen the condition, and cause more of the body to go into physical distress.

If you have had a personal accident, we urge you to visit us in San Rafael, CA for treatment from Dr. Kent Carlomagno.

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