Friday, November 29, 2013

Treatment of Running Syndromes

Treatment of Running Syndromes

Running syndromes occur in our patients who spend a lot of time running, whether for personal physical fitness or to train for an upcoming marathon. There are several types of running syndromes, including compartment syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). Both of these cause great pain to the patient, not just in their legs but their entire body. Dr. Kent Carlomagno offers patients chiropractic treatments to help with the pain and let them continue running.

Compartment syndrome occurs when there is extra pressure of muscles in the lower part of the leg. This leads to a cutoff of the blood supply and causes pain and swelling in the area. When patients come to see us who are known runners and have pain in the lower leg, in many instances they have compartment syndrome. Through therapeutic massage, we help return your leg muscles back to normal function.

ITBS is very common among runners as well, and considered an overuse injury. It happens when the ligaments in the thighs and shins become inflamed and too tight. With rest and proper chiropractic care, patients get relief from the pain from this condition and get help preventing it in the future. Call us at Summit Chiropractic and Longevity Center at 415-721-7520 to discuss your options for treatment of running syndromes.

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